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Passionate about rugby. Philosopher, optimist, and cynic. A middle-aged Irish full-back in Germany trying to get fit again to play a few more games before being put out to pasture.

The (un)talented Mr. Church

Loathe him or hate him, you just can’t like him. The man previously known as Mr. Charlotte Church, Gavin Henson (28) has announced that he has between 8 and 10 years of rugby left in him and is stil pestering … Continue reading

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Saturday. 30th October. 2010. 15.00. Note the date and time. This is the first Bremen rugby derby of the 2010/11 season. And, being played on the day before hallowe’en it’s guaranteed to produce some scares, more blood and, dare I … Continue reading

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Going back home…..

After almost 75 years in Germany the British army will be pulling out in the year 2020 at latest. What’s this? The High Tackle is starting to cover non-rugby politics now? Not a bit of it. This has a lot … Continue reading

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Farewell, Big man…..

Last Monday rugby lost a legend. Moss Keane, a name known to a generation of Irish, and respected across the rugby community passed away at the age of 62 after a long battle with cancer. Maurice ‘Moss’ Keane was unusual … Continue reading

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My top five tries

In a rare free moment I like to look back over some of the best tries I’ve seen over the years on television. These are the five most memorable and, in my opinion, the best. Think you know some better … Continue reading


Os jogadores brasileiras atraentes…..

The Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, in 2016, and most of the male audience watching it on tv will probably be tuned into either the 100m men’s final or the women’s beach volleyball, or both. Me, … Continue reading

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Wagging the finger

After my whimsical blog entry earlier this week it’s time to get serious again. A few weeks back, after the first game of the season I was asked if I was interested in taking up the position of sevens coach … Continue reading

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