Saturday. 30th October. 2010. 15.00.

Note the date and time. This is the first Bremen rugby derby of the 2010/11 season. And, being played on the day before hallowe’en it’s guaranteed to produce some scares, more blood and, dare I say it? some gruesome spectres (haha, see what I did there?).

In the red corner, Union 60 host 1860 Bremen in the green corner. The age and experience of Union face an undaunted and youthful 1860 in what should be a pretty physical encounter. We may even see some rugby played. Coach Spencer Ryan is always game to raise a smile (or a smirk, at least) during the game, whilst 1860’s John McLaughlin may pass a wink and a jovial laugh from the sidelines in between crunching tackles.

To win? You can never tell with these two. They are about as consistent as an England team but more loathe to kick (the ball, that is, but don’t count out a few wild swings at each other over the 80 minutes). The telling difference will be Union’s secret weapon (to be revealed on match day) which may inspire the 15 to whiteline fever and a famous victory (or a desperate defeat – either is equally likely).

Whatever the result both teams will retire to the Bayern tent at the Freimarkt to drink copious amounts of south German beer and partake in another annual rugby tradition that is bound to shock and surprise.

One thing’s for sure. Union would win any drinking on the night event hands down. Well, we have been training just as much in the bar as on the field.


About scrumfive

Passionate about rugby. Philosopher, optimist, and cynic. A middle-aged Irish full-back in Germany trying to get fit again to play a few more games before being put out to pasture.
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