My top five tries

In a rare free moment I like to look back over some of the best tries I’ve seen over the years on television. These are the five most memorable and, in my opinion, the best.

Think you know some better ones? Let me know.

In no particular order……

Sebastian Chabal v Namibia in the 2007 World Cup.
Sheer power and determination. No wonder the French call him ‘l’animal’.

Welsh captain Ieuan Evans scores against England. Great counter-attack from nothing.
And the voice of rugby gives his wonderful commentary, as always…

USA v South Africa, world cup 2007.
USA steal the ball off their own try line and beat the eventual world champions with style and power.
The best counterattack I have ever seen. Truly try of the tournament.

France try v England in Five Nations, 1991.
This wouldn’t happen today but it was a joy to watch 19 years ago.
A big lesson in following up the missed penalty.

Brian O’Driscoll for Leinster v Wasps.
I could have picked any of dozens by Drico, but this was a real beauty.
I also had the pleasure to be in the crowd to see it live… 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my choices!


About scrumfive

Passionate about rugby. Philosopher, optimist, and cynic. A middle-aged Irish full-back in Germany trying to get fit again to play a few more games before being put out to pasture.
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2 Responses to My top five tries

  1. Arne says:

    I think these try is missing:

    Delasau vs Wales RWC 07

  2. scrumfive says:

    Yes, I remember seeing that game. Fiji were by far the better team and knocked Wales out of the tournament.

    A great try.

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